Iron wire is a kind of metal wire made with iron pull. Today I will bring you some iron wire sculpture productions, and experience the deepening and beauty of the combination of iron wire and sculpture art.

Iron wire has different components according to its purpose. It contains the following ingredients: iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc, and other elements. The wire is subdivided into many models according to the rough.

Wire sculpture production

Wire sculpture production

The iron wire sculpture is made of iron wire and uses the softness and plasticity of iron wire to make interesting crafts. As long as you have imagination, you can shape all kinds of wire sculptures. It is the crystallization of artists’ creativity.

Artists use wire sculptures to draw a variety of small animals. These creative little things seem to make ordinary objects come alive and full of vitality!

In the artist’s world, even the old iron wire has its unique beauty.

Iron wire is not only an auxiliary tool, it can also become art. The iron wire sculpture is used to make a vivid iron wire sculpture. The cold and hard materials become flesh and blood under the artist. It is no longer the supporting role in industry, but the protagonist of unique artwork.