Nowadays, there are more and more types of sculpture materials. When we make sculptures, in addition to choosing a design company, we must choose the materials. What kind of materials to use for sculptures should be based on their use, placement and personal preferences. Wait to decide. The following explains why you choose to use glass fiber reinforced plastic for sculpture.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic, when you first see the word, will you also be embarrassed, whether it is a new type of glass or a special steel.

Why more and more sculptures choose Fiberglass

Why more and more sculptures choose Fiberglass

Fiberglass is our name for fiber-reinforced plastic. It is a composite material. Based on various resins, glass is drawn into very fine fiber filaments. Weaving fiber filaments into products is widely used in construction, automotive, and communications .

Glass is a low-strength, brittle material, but its properties will change after the glass is melted and drawn into very fine glass fiber filaments. This kind of glass fiber filaments are very thin and strong, and can even be woven into cloth.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic is like reinforced concrete. Fiberglass filaments are like hard steel bars in the concrete. Resin is like binder cement. The combination of fiberglass filament and resin has both glass composition and steel-like strength. This is why this material is called Fiberglass.