Cartoonstatue is a fiberglass statue brand, and “Bring the world a brand new ‘made in China” is our mission to build this brand.

fiberglass brand statue

The brand is affiliated to a company with more than 20 years of experience in the design and production of fiberglass statues. The company currently has more than 60 employees, including a professional product design team, a sales team with excellent service, and a production team with rich experience. The company believes that having a good working environment is conducive to improving the enthusiasm of employees, which will ultimately be reflected in the creation, production, and quality of products. Therefore, the company makes every effort to improve the enthusiasm of employees.

Cartoonstatue is a manufacturer of fiberglass statue, and the products cover life-size animals, garden decorative statues, Halloween-related and Christmas-related statue decorations, cartoon characters, and cartoon animal statues. In addition, Cartoonstatue can meet the customization needs of customers. Whether the customer wants to add an animal statue ornament to the house, or the customer’s shopping mall activities, art projects, we all can communicate with customers to help customers fulfill their wishes.

large crab statue
snowman sculpture
outdoor cow statue
fiberglass chef statue

The Cartoonstatue’s statues are mainly hand-made ornaments, the main material of which is fiberglass. All products undergo rigorous quality control to ensure that the products delivered to the customer are perfect and the customer is satisfied with the product. Cartoonstatue has its own unique design capabilities that can be combined with customer ideas to design products for customers. The company will also develop corresponding product strategies based on market trends to meet the quality requirements and the unique needs of customers.

The Cartoonstatue brand is committed to providing customers with high-quality fiberglass statues, and providing customers with a full range of quality services, including:

  • Meet the customization needs of customers. Combining the customer’s budget with the customer’s requirements for the product, we provide the most suitable product design for the customer.

  • Provide customers with information on the production process of the product. In the process of making products, we will strictly follow the previously determined product design to produce products, and provide customers with the latest product production information to ensure that the product is customer satisfaction.

  • Perfect after-sales service. After the product is delivered to the customer, we also provide a one-year warranty for the product and provide technical support for the customer for a long time.