Fiberglass character sculptures are very familiar to everyone. The Fiberglass character sculptures we usually talk about are Chinese, foreign, historical, and modern Fiberglass character sculptures are very many. Character sculpture is a sculptural art of various characters. It refers to the use of various plastic materials or engravable hard materials to create visible artistic figures with a certain space. Art that reflects social life and the artist ’s aesthetic feelings, aesthetic emotions, and aesthetic ideals.

The image of people is very rich and the number is constantly increasing. There have been images of various social positions such as warriors, servants, tricks, and dancers. They have also taken a step forward in reflecting social life. The sculptural methods have gradually got rid of stylization and the images are realistic ,vivid.

Where is the Fiberglass character sculpture manufacturer

Where is the Fiberglass character sculpture manufacturer

China’s glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures indirectly and tactfully express this beauty, hoping that the audience will associate and feel. Western culture is a typical maritime culture, which emphasizes adventure and conquest, and is extremely expansive. This culture reflected in the sculpture art will highlight the individual heroic temperament and extroverted, unrestrained aesthetic taste.

Fiberglass sculpture is an act of shaping characters using exaggeration, deformation and other methods. The concept of sculpture is to use sculpture, carving, carving, grinding, plasticity and other means to create a variety of artistic images with real volume, collectively known as sculpture.

Fiberglass character sculptures are handcrafted based on anime photos. Its characteristics are personality and fashion, it can be stored for a long time without changing color. It is the first choice for amusement city sculpture, school sculpture, square sculpture, film and television prop sculpture, and it is very popular.