What’s cartoon statue

What’s cartoon statue? In fact, it represents a class of products.hello kitty statue

The annual Animation Festival is a window to understand the cutting-edge development of the animation and cartoon industry. As a manufacturer of fiberglass products for cartoon sculpture, we made a lot of cartoon character statue.

kwas statue

Cartoon sculptures are indispensable in the theme park.  Cartoon sculptures suitable for all kinds of stores and decorations of restaurant. Originally, the word “cartoon” restricts the shape of such sculptures, because cartoon images are often different from reality. For example, the image of Tom and Jerry in cartoon “cat and mouse” is totally different from that of cat and mouse in reality, because things like cartoon need to produce artistic effects. We have to do some processing on the basis of the original animal image.

snowman statue

Cartoon sculpture is a virtual character created by a sculptor. It can also be a cartoon sculpture based on realistic cartoons, cartoons and cartoon characters. Cartoon sculpture is mostly made of FIBERGLASS sculpture. The cost of FIBERGLASS sculpture is low, and it has a long life and rich colors. We usually make cartoon characters and cartoon animals.

stormtrooper statue