With the development of society, all kinds of animals have completely different psychological feelings in people’s hearts. Such as FRP lion sculpture, this sculpture will make people think of beasts, it is very fierce, but he is a symbol of rights, contains a strong, such lion sculpture is also very widely used, can reproduce the current mansion.

In short, FRP animal sculpture has a specific meaning.

For example, the pendulum enlarges the sculpture design. The FRP elephant is a symbol of auspiciousness in the FRP animal sculpture. It has the meaning of absorbing money, the image, the same sound, and therefore the FRP elephant has good luck and peace. It is more suitable for families, or for the staff of government agencies.

At the same time, elephants have the function of absorbing water, and water is both wealthy. Therefore, FRP elephants have a lucky roll.

What is the significance of FRP animal sculpture

What is the significance of FRP animal sculpture

FRP elephants represent auspicious, representing the wishfulness, but this good luck is not just coming, the placement of FRP elephants is also very particular, not casually placed.

The mascot is placed in the house of the home, which can make the family full of peace; the corporate office is dedicated to this person and wealth, and it is like Taishan;

Government public officials enshrining elephants can reduce stress, increase performance, and facilitate promotion. In particular, elephants sitting on monkeys on their backs are called hanging elephants, and Wang’s career and official sports are excellent.

However, Boao Sculpture Company wants to tell everyone that FRP animal sculptures are not free to use. We must combine the environment and occasions.

This will bring a comfortable enjoyment to people’s hearts.

For example, in the children’s paradise, the Boao sculpture factory can not get fiberglass lion sculpture but can be FRP monkey sculpture, FRP horse sculpture, FRP rabbit sculpture and so on.

FRP animal sculpture is different from cartoon animal sculpture. It refers to the simulation sculpture that imitates the actual proportion and shape of the animal. Compared with other sculptures, this kind of sculpture has great difficulty in shape processing.

On the basis of the custom-made production of traditional FRP sculptures, the simulation of animal sculptures must be done in the final polishing, the upper color, and the three-layer complex color, thinking that these steps will directly affect the final visual effect.

Like this piece of work, it is not just its form that attracts the audience, but its vivid shape. In order to achieve realistic results, this FRP animal sculpture has been decorated with fur effect.