The light sculpture is a combination of traditional sculpture and lighting art and high-tech control means to add dynamic optoelectronic elements into the static sculpture design, a combination of static and dynamic sculpture.

It is the first in China to solve the problem that the daytime landscape effect and the night lighting effect cannot be taken into consideration in urban lighting and beautification.

The light sculpture is widely used in the construction of domestic urban landscapes and has become an important element in the construction of urban sculpture environment.

Some “light sculptures” have appeared as landmarks in urban propaganda films, and some have even become new attractions for urban development tourism. At present, street lamps, public facilities, etc. in the city can be combined with the use of light sculptures, integrating practical functionality and landscape. The light sculpture is a new form of artistic expression, which makes the ancient sculpture art glow with the atmosphere of the new era and also illuminates the night scene of the modern city.

What is the Light sculpture

What is the Light sculpture

Light sculptures are usually referred to as large sculptures, which are generally large in size and suitable for city squares, scenic centers, and so on. It can be expressed in a variety of lights such as light projection, self-illumination, etc. It can be designed with a variety of changing colors, high cost, and complicated maintenance.

Light pieces are also a kind of light sculpture. Generally, the volume is relatively small. It is placed on the roadside, parks and people’s fitness breaks. It is often combined with human elements design. The lights are simple, but the light color can be changed. Dynamic color, low cost, and easy maintenance. It can also be a specially designed opposite sex landscape lamp, lawn lamp, etc. Lighting sculpture materials have been improving: for example, composite resin, acrylic, glass, stainless steel sculpture, glass steel sculpture, copper, metal iron, water column, semiconductor and so on. It becomes art in the form of condensation, reflection, reflection, and capturing light.

In recent years, domestic cities have followed the example of holding light festivals abroad, and most of the landscape community’s lights are displayed using a combination of sculpture and lighting.

The approximate development history of domestic lighting sculptures:

In the first stage: the initial development stage (1993-1998), the creation of “light sculpture” in this period is mainly a combination of some simple lighting and styling. The works tend to be very good at night, the daytime effect is poor, and the craft is rough. Some light sources or wires are even exposed, which looks unsightly. However, creative thinking during this period is very active, and it is an important incubation period for the growth and development of “light sculpture”.

Some achievements have been made in the use of materials and lighting control methods. For example, the successful development of a programmable lighting control system, the successful development of color-changing light sources, and the application of semi-permeable materials in the works have created conditions for the faster development of “light sculpture”. In this stage, the “light sculpture” made the people feel refreshed through the dynamic, visually impactful and culturally significant works, and became the new darling of the beautified and bright city at that time.

The second stage: the rapid development period (1998-2001), during which the beautification of domestic cities has entered a stage of continuous development. Due to the high construction requirements of many first-tier cities, people expect better works. Therefore, “light sculpture” conforms to the development trend of the times, and the night illumination with “light sculpture” as the main highlight becomes a prominent highlight of large-scale urban sculpture.

During the period, due to the high price of solid-state light source LEDs, “light sculpture” still uses neon lights as the main light source. Through the integration with the urban environment, it pays more attention to the development of works with cultural heritage and urban characteristics and also considers how to landscaping. And urban planning and other aspects of coordination. “Light sculpture” has become an important part of the urban construction organism.

The third stage: maturity (2001 to the present). The application of the solid-state light source with LED as the main body not only greatly extends the life of the light source, but also makes the control of light color more flexible and reliable due to the small size and easier installation and concealment. In short, the application of LED solid light source truly achieves the perfect combination of sculpture art and lighting art, making it show its indispensable status and charm in the art of light sculpture.