Treatment method of traditional foam sculpture hardened pu skin:

The 1-PU skin is not glued to the skin. The PU liquid raw material is directly sprayed onto the treated foam sculpture, and it can be cured in a few seconds. Different thicknesses can be achieved by controlling the number of spraying passes, generally between 1-3 mm. But use special equipment.

2-PU skin is just the most basic structural layer material, which provides protection, and there is a special effect layer supporting coating. Ordinary pigments do not adhere well to PU skins and tend to peel or peel off.

What is the foam sculpture hardened pu skin treatment

What is the foam sculpture hardened pu skin treatment

3- As far as PU skin is concerned, there are also different materials, soft and hard, which are suitable for different uses.

4-PU skin can be sprayed directly onto the foam sculpture, but this is just the most common usage. In fact, before construction, there are different base treatment methods and materials according to different feel effects, so that the PU skin has different unique effects after construction.

After the improvement of the foam sculpture hardening process of Bosong Sculpture Design Company:

The carefully sculpted foam sculpture needs to be protected by a coating with good impact resistance, abrasion resistance, rain resistance, weather resistance, and workability before its actual use. After being impacted by external force, it will not crack, delaminate, impact resistance, aging resistance, ultraviolet light resistance, yellowing resistance, and has a long-lasting decorative function.

Polyurea coatings can provide the above-mentioned protection. The main thing is that polyurea coatings have a unique instant curing, which can be applied thickly without sagging, so they can accurately replicate the foam shape, and they have quickly become popular in this field.