What is Fiberglass cartoon sculpture is the use of exaggeration, deformation and other methods to shape objects, animals and other objects, the image of cartoon animation using sculpture three-dimensional modeling is a cartoon sculpture.

The concept of traditional sculpture is to use sculpture, enamel, engraving, grinding, plastic and other means to produce a variety of artistic images of real volume, collectively known as sculpture.

The cartoon is the Chinese transliteration of English “cartoon”. The original meaning is animation. Now it refers to animations and cartoons with exaggerated and distorted features.

What is Fiberglass cartoon sculpture

What is Fiberglass cartoon sculpture

The emergence of cartoons is after the arrival of human civilization in modern times. Although the specific age of the use of this vocabulary has not been clearly verified, it can be confirmed that the works with cartoon sense appear in the European Renaissance, when human thoughts have been experienced. In an unprecedented revolution, people began to get rid of the shackles of religious and artistic classics and then turned to think about human beings. Therefore, the expression of easy and free expression, the painters created a series of cartoon satire paintings with cartoon style. We can use this as a clue to cartoons.

Since then, cartoons have gradually established their own aesthetic experience and standards, and this aesthetic form has been spread to and intersected with various categories of artistic creation, including ancient sculptures, which gave birth to a new art form of cartoon sculpture.