The sculpture is one of the arts. A variety of plastic (such as clay, polyethylene compounds, etc.) or engravable (such as metal, stone, wood, bone, etc.) materials, to create a variety of real volume images, giving people an aesthetic enjoyment and education. According to the form of its performance, sculpture can be divided into two categories: round sculpture and relief sculpture; according to the purpose and use of its production, it can be divided into shelf sculpture, monument sculpture, architectural garden sculpture and interior decoration sculpture.

The round sculpture mainly refers to a three-dimensional sculpture that stands completely in the air and does not depend on any background, allowing people to view from all sides.

What are the characteristics of resin sculptures

What are the characteristics of resin sculptures

The embossed sculpture of a kind of sculpture from the plane, the image is dependent on the background, and only a certain viewing angle.

The sculptural sculpture is also known as the indoor sculpture, which is mainly used to display and small round sculptures and reliefs hanging in the living room, office or art exhibition. They are generally delicately handled and rich in techniques, suitable for close-up viewing.

Monumental sculptures are often called outdoor sculptures. They are open-air sculptures that stand in squares, stations, parks, tombs, etc. They are mostly large in size, rugged, dynamic, permanent and monumental.

The architectural garden sculpture refers to a type of sculpture that is laid out in the garden or in the garden for the purpose of beautifying the surrounding environment and architectural space. Its styling techniques are diverse, abstract and figurative; the production of a wide range of materials, steel, copper, stone, wood can be.

Practical decorative sculpture mainly refers to daily-use sculptures for decoration purposes in daily life. Generally, it is a category of practical art. Most of them are small in size and finely made, such as architectural reliefs, decorative stone carvings, porcelain sculptures, wood carvings. Root carving and so on.