The sculpture is one of the oldest art, and the classification of sculptures is numerous.

If the boundary between humans and animals is a manufacturing tool, then from the moment when humans appeared, humans made the first sculpture, the tool.

Primitives make tools for use, but in today’s eyes, these tools are artistic.

The manufacture of tools is not without standards but has a certain purpose.

The main techniques of sculpture are divided into clay sculptures, wood carvings, stone carvings, jade carvings, metal sculptures, forged sculptures, sandstone sculptures, and other methods.

What are the sculpture classifications

What are the sculpture classifications

Different classification forms can occur according to different classification criteria:

There are three basic forms: round, relief and openwork. Round sculpture: refers to a three-dimensional sculpture that is uncompressed and can be viewed in multiple directions and at multiple angles. There are also a variety of techniques and forms, such as realistic and decorative, concrete and abstract, indoor and outdoor, on-shelf and large-scale city sculptures, colored and non-colored, etc.; sculpture content and theme It is also colorful, it can be a character, it can be an animal or even a still life; the material is more colorful, with stone, wood, metal, clay, textile, paper, plants, rubber, and so on.

Embossing: It is a method of compressing objects, and expressing three-dimensional space by means of perspective and other factors, and only for one or two sides.

The relief is generally attached to another plane, so it is used more on the building and is often seen on utensils. Due to its compact nature and small footprint, it is suitable for decoration in a variety of environments.

In modern society, it occupies an increasingly important position in the urban beautification environment. The relief is as colorful as the sculpture in its content, form, and material. It mainly has several forms such as oracle, high relief, bas-relief, line engraving, and hollowing out. High relief refers to a form of small compression, large undulation, close to around sculpture, or even a semi-circular sculpture. This embossed contrast is strong and the visual effect is outstanding; the bas-relief has large compression and small undulation, which maintains an architectural plane. Sexuality has a certain sense of volume and undulation; line engraving is a combination of painting and sculpture. It is produced by light and shadow, with light and pen, and even some subtle ups and downs, giving a sense of subtlety and subtlety.