The Fiberglass reinforced plastic coffee cup shape sculpture art is made of high-quality glass-reinforced plastic. The splattered flowing art form achieves a dynamic and realistic effect. The surface painted five-lined note pattern makes the light effect, highlighting the high-standard, high-grade modern leisure atmosphere, shopping mall Fiberglass. The coffee cup shape sculpture plays the role of decorating the landscape space of the shopping mall.

What are the characteristics of the shape of the Fiberglass reinforced plastic coffee cup in the mall

What are the characteristics of the shape of the Fiberglass reinforced plastic coffee cup in the mall

Shopping mall Fiberglass coffee cup modeling process:

First, make the mold
The glass steel engraver performs sculpture according to the splattered coffee cup shape drawing provided by Party A. The mold master uses the model (wood board, clay sculpture, foam, plaster) to shape, modify and confirm. That is the shape of the shopping mall Fiberglass coffee cup.

Second, the production of blanks
First, apply the gel coat to the surface of the mold with a brush. Spread the fiber cloth to the top when it is half dry. Start brushing the resin onto the top to make it penetrate, then spread the resin and brush the resin. Achieve the required thickness.

Third, demoulding, trimming
Demolding refers to taking the blank out of the mold.

Fourth, the production of glass steel mold
After the Fiberglass reinforced plastic products made from the plaster mold are polished and repaired, a Fiberglass reinforced plastic mold is reproduced for later mass production.

Fifth, mass production, the same method as two or three.

Sixth, processing fuel injection
1. First, grind the product with 180# sandpaper, remove the surface wax from the product, and fill the pinhole and mold line on the surface of the product with the atomic ash.
2, use 220# sandpaper to polish smooth, spray the first primer, pick the imperfections and then add the atomic ash.
3, smooth with 360# sandpaper, spray a second primer and then use fine red ash to repair the details.
4, smooth with 800# sandpaper, start spraying automotive paint finish to dry
5. After the topcoat is dry, the production supervisor inspects whether the topcoat is oily or leaks at the bottom. After the topcoat is qualified, the customer’s logo or pattern is transferred, and then a layer of automobile varnish is sprayed to ensure the brightness of the product and protect the paint.

Seven, Fiberglass surface treatment
According to customer needs, for each custom-made shopping mall Fiberglass coffee cup shape surface treatment.