Fiberglass cartoon bird sculpture uses 123 epoxy resin combined with imported fiberglass cloth as the main raw material of sculpture. It can not only improve the arbitrariness, weather resistance and corrosion resistance of the sculpture but also achieve complete environmental protection and safety.

Generally, high-quality Fiberglass sculptures are made of epoxy resin. The thickness of the standard epoxy resin table Li Gang sculpture is calculated according to the theoretical value. Take the three cloths and five coatings as an example. The thickness of each layer of fiberglass cloth is about 0.18mm-0.2mm. The dry film thickness is about 80-100 μm, that is, 0.08 mm-0.1 mm.

What are the characteristics of the bird sculpture

What are the characteristics of the bird sculpture

Except for the primer and topcoat, the other “three coats” are immersed in the fiberglass cloth, that is, the thickness is calculated only by the thickness of the three layers of fiberglass cloth. Accordingly, the thickness of the three cloths is: 0.18 × 3 + 0.08 × 2 = 0.7 mm to 0.2 × 3 + 0.1 × 2 = 0.8 mm.

When making the Fiberglass cartoon bird sculpture, in order to get the actual measured thickness value, we selected five examples of different practices from different construction sites: two cloth four coats, three cloth five coats, five cloth seven coats, six cloth eight coats and seven Cloth nine coat.

Whether it is a Fiberglass cartoon bird sculpture or a sculptural sculpture of any Fiberglass material, it is preferred to carry out fine repairs on the created shape, and finally carry out high-precision artificial hand-painting, no matter from the art form or the performance effect. The average Fiberglass sculpture on the field can be achieved.