As public facilities, according to their different uses, urban glass-reinforced plastic relief can be divided into green glass-reinforced plastic embossed, residential glass-reinforced plastic relief, square glass-reinforced plastic relief, garden glass-reinforced plastic relief, water surface glass-reinforced plastic relief. In addition to its own functions, it also has the characteristics of decoration and intentionality.

Fiberglass statue embossing combines the practicality of artistic creation with practical objects in public places to form a modern design. Such as many garden chairs, stone benches, stone tables, the appearance is decorated on the thick logs, both beautiful and practical. The city is either embossed or independent, or attached to a building, or placed in a large public, or hidden on a tree-lined road. There are stone carvings, cement, bronze and other metal materials on the material. Urban Fiberglass embossing is generally tall and magnificent, with a commemorative significance, but also a little scene, the smaller body. The former is built in important public places such as squares, stations, and government agencies. The latter are scattered in parks, public green spaces, and avenues.

Urban Fiberglass embossing is an important part of the urban landscape

Urban Fiberglass embossing is an important part of the urban landscape

Greenland Fiberglass embossing: generally used for embossing combined with the environment, such as art relief, abstract small relief, seat and so on. This type of relief is more practical.

Residential glass-reinforced plastic embossing: generally used for residential combination, mostly recreational and strong Fiberglass embossing. There are also many who promote moral culture.

Square Fiberglass embossing: mostly large relief works, commemorative works dominate the mainstream. Among the characters are reliefs and abstract reliefs. In comparison, the relief of the square is more random. There aren’t too many rules and regulations, and everything can be done in one day.

Garden Fiberglass embossing: This kind of works is more selective, mostly works of the art landscape. Such as historically famous historical figures and beautiful landscapes.

Surface Fiberglass Relief: This type of relief can be placed in the water to form a unique water landscape around the surface of the water. It can also be placed on the shore of the water to form its own landscape with the entire waterside landscape.