Transparent resin statue crafts concept:
Resin crafts have become a common decoration in our home decoration, and the various shapes of resin crafts are vivid. Such as characters, animals, landscapes, daily necessities, etc., can also be made into a variety of simulation effects, such as imitation copper, imitation gold, imitation silver, crystal, imitation agate, and other resin crafts.

Transparent resin crafts are crafts created with transparent resin materials. Crafts are different from art sculptures, crafts, etc. It means mass production, forming production lines, and the price is relatively cheap. It’s not like an art sculpture, it’s from the hands of artists, a small selection.

Transparent resin statue crafts

Transparent resin statue crafts

The resin is a hydrocarbon (hydrocarbon)-like secretion from a variety of plants, particularly conifers. Because of its special chemical structure, and its use as a material such as latex paints and adhesives, it is valued.

It is a mixture of various polymer compounds and therefore has different melting points. Resins can be classified into natural resins and synthetic resins. There is only one kind of natural resin, but with the development of the chemical industry, many are produced by synthetic polymers. Some of them have chemical and physical properties similar to those of natural resins. Therefore, polymers are called Synthetic resin.

The raw material of the transparent resin crafts is derived from resin and is molded by a mold to form various shapes of products.