1, the environment

The environment mainly refers to the creation of the Fiberglass sculpture to meet the environment around the location where it is placed. It is important to know that the collocation environment is the most important factor in the design of Fiberglass sculpture. This requires consideration of references to nearby buildings and the like. If the surrounding area is very wide, you can’t make the Fiberglass sculpture design too exquisite, then make the size of the surrounding environment to reflect the feeling of the atmosphere. If it is a group sculpture or a group sculpture, it is necessary to consider the degree of density of the Fiberglass sculpture. If it is at the gate entrance, etc., it should be designed to be condescending. This has to be specifically used to be specific and flexible.

The three main factors to be considered in the design of Fiberglass sculpture

The three main factors to be considered in the design of Fiberglass sculpture

2, the theme

The theme is the overall design of the Fiberglass sculpture, which is generally based on the role of the Fiberglass sculpture. Fiberglass sculptures have a rigid, fixed shape that withstands tensile stresses and can withstand bending, compression and shear stresses. This constitutes a glass fiber reinforced plastic matrix composite. Because its strength is equivalent to steel and glass components, it also has the properties of color, shape, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, and heat insulation.

Fiberglass sculpture production process: Before the finished product is produced, the product to be produced is molded with the specific mud material to produce the corresponding product. After the clay sculpture is finished, the plaster outer mold is turned and then the glass fiber reinforced plastic is painted inside the outer mold. After it is dried, the outer mold is opened, and after the mold clamping process, the finished glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is obtained. However, the Fiberglass sculpture is exposed to the sun and wind erosion in the outdoor. Generally, it has been deformed and fragile and fragile for more than five years. For example, if you want to reflect the theme of positive and upward development, you can choose stainless steel fiberglass sculpture to reflect, because such a theme is generally not well represented by concrete physical glass sculpture, then you can use the abstract expression to create To fit the theme. The purpose of abstracting the positive theme is designed to be straight into the sky or slowly rising, thus achieving our goal. If it is to reflect the history of the humanities, or to remember the martyrs, then it is necessary to use objects or characters to express. If there is a famous historical figure in the city (CITY), then the Fiberglass sculpture that is shaped into the character of the character is a normal but normal idea.

Which three major factors should be considered in the design of Fiberglass sculpture?

3, creativity

When the subject matter of the Fiberglass sculpture design is determined, the environment has also been examined. The last part is the creativity of the design. A small idea can often attract people’s attention. If all the glass-and-steel sculptures like “the sun that holds tomorrow” are all the exquisite designs, I am afraid that there will not be many people who will be willing to stop and look at the materials. Creativity is the thing that best reflects the designer’s level. It is also the detail and importance of a Fiberglass sculpture.