1. Insert: Find some thin iron sheets to insert the iron pieces along with the high point of the clay sculpture. The inserts are for the purpose of separating the Fiberglass molds later, so the splits and how to insert are not fixed, as the case may be. And set.

2. Spray soapy water on the surface of the clay, heat it, and dilute it.

3. Sprinkle the purchased Fiberglass powder or water over the clay. The ratio of Fiberglass to water is about 1 to 1. It has to be sprinkled several times, the first time is relatively thin, and the next time it is thicker than once. In the first pass, you can add some color to the Fiberglass water, so that you can distinguish the thickness later, and the thickness of each place is as much as possible, and the work is done.

The third method of making Fiberglass sculpture

The third method of making Fiberglass sculpture

4. After the dryness is finished, you can separate the molds of the Fiberglass in a little bit at the insert and rinse the mud inside.

5. Apply hot soapy water to the Fiberglass mold. There should be no foam, and it should be kept moist before the Fiberglass mold.

6, you can add a little steel bar inside the Fiberglass mold, wrapped in hemp. Sprinkle certain Fiberglass water in key areas first.

7. Close the mold, put together the mold halves, and wrap the edge with a glass fiber water seal on the edge.

8. Turn the Fiberglass mold over and start to inject the Fiberglass water, which is also a ratio of one to one. It can be properly smeared, it can flow, and when it is almost full, the base part is filled and flattened with the flat glass of Fiberglass. After drying, use a chisel to break the abrasive tool and you can get a Fiberglass sculpture.