Durian Fiberglass sculpture has the meaning of lingering, representing the meaning of nostalgia, and can also be used as a large-scale three-dimensional advertisement in the mall or farm, allowing viewers to visually see the effect of durian, thus creating a desire to buy.

Durian glass steel sculpture process

Whether it is durian glass steel sculpture or small glass steel sculpture crafts, or the surface treatment of large glass steel sculpture is very important, it is related to the adhesion and life of the coating, directly affecting the quality of the spraying project.

The role of durian glass steel sculpture

The role of durian glass steel sculpture

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the coatings such as durian Fiberglass sculptures are durable and meet the requirements of use, and give full play to the protection and decoration of the paint. In addition to the quality of the paint itself, the pretreatment work on the coated metal and non-metal surfaces are very important, it must be given enough attention.

Durian Fiberglass sculpture pre-treatment of the surface of the coated glass steel sculpture before painting, intended to eliminate dust, oil, water, rust, scale-like oxide layer and old paint layer on the surface, affecting the coating film and the surface to be coated The adhesion of the impurities reveals the natural color of the object, allowing the coating to bond well to the base metal.

The micro-battery formed by the presence of water vapor in steel and other objects is the main cause of corrosion. The specific volume of rust is large, which exists between the coating film and the surface of the painted Ala Lei cartoon Fiberglass sculpture, which will cause the water-resistance of the paint film to decrease. Promote the surface rust, clean the surface, remove the rust, improve its water resistance, and extend the service life of the coated glass steel sculpture.

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