Temperature and humidity have a great influence on the quality of painted Fiberglass resin sculptures during the coating production process. It is especially important to correctly understand the relationship between temperature and humidity and paint spraying.

The requirements for environmental temperature and humidity for painting construction are:

Temperature: 25 ℃

Humidity: 60% ~ 80%

Paint viscosity 2 # coating cup: 12 ~ 13 seconds

The chemical polymerization of paint has a great relationship with temperature and humidity. For every 10 ° C increase or decrease in temperature

The speed of chemical polymerization will double or accelerate.

The relationship between humidity and drying of Fiberglass sculpture

The relationship between humidity and drying of Fiberglass sculpture

According to this principle. You can adjust the baking temperature and baking time appropriately (for example: our current general baking temperature is 55 ° C, the baking time is 2 hours, the temperature is 65 ° C, the time is 1 hour, and the 75 ° C is 30 minutes. And so on.

When the temperature is too high and the humidity is too low during the spraying process, the paint flashes too quickly, which is likely to cause orange peel, particles, pinholes, and matt. To achieve the best spray effect.

If the temperature is too low and the humidity is too high, the paint flashes too slowly, which may cause color difference, bite the bottom, sag, and float. Bad phenomena such as crickets should be solved by appropriately increasing the viscosity of the paint.

In short, coating production is a relatively complicated process. Each worker must use the above-mentioned processes and operation instructions flexibly, and continuously summarize experience in practice to achieve the improvement of quality technology.

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