In addition to grease, rust spots, according to the use requirements, mechanical processing and chemical treatment can also be carried out, the specific pretreatment content is as follows:

1 Degreasing treatment includes physical and mechanical methods (wiping method, combustion method, spraying method) and physical-chemical methods (solvent degreasing method, lye degreasing method, emulsion degreasing method and electrolytic degreasing method).

2 Rust removal treatment includes physical methods (mechanical blasting, shot blasting, artificial, abrasive rust removal, etc.) and chemical methods (acid washing, electrolytic pickling, lye rust removal, etc.).

3 Phosphating (oxidation) treatment Phosphating treatment mainly includes non-ferrous metals and their alloys and steel. For the non-ferrous metals and alloys, chemical oxidation, anodic oxidation (aluminum and aluminum alloy), phosphoric acid and chromic acid (zinc and its alloys) are used; most of the steels are phosphoric acid, chromic acid, and nitric acid.

All in all, the surface pretreatment of fiberglass statue and Garfield modeling white embryos before painting is an extremely important process. Only by guaranteeing the quality of the surface treatment can the best fiberglass sculpture painting effect be obtained.

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