The production process of Fiberglass sculpture has been constantly updated, and the technology is constantly improving. Book Sculpture Factory has presented the latest Fiberglass sculpture production process through numerous cases and continuous updating of high-end technology.

The latest Fiberglass sculpture production process

The latest Fiberglass sculpture production process

Fiberglass sculpture product features:

1. Novel and beautiful appearance, waterproof, moisture-proof, non-deformation, smooth surface, dense material, color can be arbitrarily matched: no sticky oil, easy to clean, clean and hygienic, beautify the space, free from style, style, and size, can be free according to space size design;

Economical, long life and low cost. A durable, elegant atmosphere, generally not deformed, is always more trendy jewelry.

2, high-density sculpture foam material shape, 196# unsaturated resin, and platinum fiberglass cloth. The surface is repaired with car ash, automotive paint, and the interior is galvanized steel frame.

3, pure hand-made, lightweight, sturdy and durable, anti-aging, no fading, maintenance-free, no radiation damage to the human body. The products are manufactured to perfection and meet competition standards.

Fiberglass sculpture material description:

High-density sculpture foam molding, 196# unsaturated resin, and white gold fiberglass cloth molding, curing agent is more fully cured, more complete Akzo M50 curing agent, the internal standard galvanized angle steel frame.

Grinding is repaired by car atomic ash, the surface treatment is made of automotive-specific paint, three-layer spray, and the surface is bright and free of impurities.