Now let’s take a brief look at the steps you have to do:

One: Find a carton or carton that is the size you need, and then seal the corners of the carton with wide tape. Then use cardboard or wooden board to fix it around the outside of the carton (to prevent the carton from being broken after pouring the Fiberglass.)

Second: the adjusted Fiberglass (a ratio of Fiberglass and water is about one to one, need to be evenly mixed) into the carton (Fiberglass basically hardware store, the paint shop will probably have special tips to buy high-strength Fiberglass powder.)

Three: It is relatively simple to remove the outer shell.

The first method of making Fiberglass sculpture

The first method of making Fiberglass sculpture

Four: If you need to engrave, you need to go to the art supplies store to buy a woodcut knife (the basics of three-knife round knife oblique knife is enough). Of course, if you have enough patience to sculpt the Fiberglass.

V: The problem to be noticed when carving is that after the glass fiber is solidified (basically less than half an hour), the mold is opened quickly, and it is relatively easy to engrave when it is wet. Every time you finish, you can pack a plastic bag and prevent it from drying too fast.

Six: When you are wet, you can engrave the approximate shape. If you want to sculpt, you will wait until the Fiberglass is dry. In the process of engraving, if you have engraved it, take the No. 240 water sandpaper (of course, it needs to be wet). (This step is best to put it to the end, wait until you have finished it and see where it needs to be polished).

Seven: color with water powder or acrylic.