Sandstone sculpture is one of the more commonly used sculptural materials in stone sculptures and is mostly used in relief forms.

Sandstone (also known as sandstone) is a kind of sedimentary rock named after the sand grain. Its main component is Si20 and Al20. In nature, it is a seaward and continental deposit through geological changes. After the topography of the layer is covered, it is formed by heating and pressurization during geological changes.

Sandstone sculptures are divided into two materials, one is a high-priced natural sandstone sculpture, and the other is a cost-effective imitation sandstone sculpture (artificial sandstone).

The difference between sandstone relief and material

The difference between sandstone relief and material

If the sculpture is placed indoors, the Boao Beijing Sculpture Company recommends the selection of imitation sandstone sculptures. Because natural sandstones are natural stone, the color of the whole embossing will be chromatic and limited to the color of the sandstone itself.

The advantage of imitation sandstone is that it is cheaper, the effect is more vivid and uniform, and any color effect can be modulated according to requirements.

Imitation sandstone sculpture

Imitation sandstone is also called artificial sandstone or composite sandstone. It is a kind of art sandstone which is made by crushing natural sandstone into fine sandstone powder and adding a variety of cementitious materials to make a rich and versatile, delicate and textured effect.

Artificial sandstone is a kind of green building decoration material with no radioactivity, acid and alkali resistance, long life, good hardness, no toxicity, no smell, no pollution, and self-waterproof.

The surface of the product is sand-like, with the natural texture of sandstone; strong contrast between light and dark, prominent three-dimensional, more decorative.