Hard and corrosion-resistant, long life. Because of the characteristics of Fiberglass, it has a long-lasting characteristic.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic itself has a heavy sense, as a character sculpture material can better reflect the character characteristics of characters.

Fiberglass is easier to preserve and will not become obsolete over time.

The glass steel sculpture is generally cast one to one. It has a strong artistic expression, great texture, and long storage time. It is basically a rhythm that is not bad for thousands of years, but it is also relatively more valuable.

The advantages of Fiberglass sculpture are summarized

The advantages of Fiberglass sculpture are summarized

Fiberglass sculpture is a very popular metal sculpture today because Fiberglass has a long history in China, and the technology of Fiberglass is very mature. At present, there are many ways to make glass fiber reinforced plastic, including glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture, forged glass fiber reinforced plastic, and purple glass fiber reinforced plastic. The technology of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is more complicated than the other two, but the art is better and suitable for some delicate As a material, artworks are also loved by artists. Generally, they are mainly sculptures of characters. Forged glass fiber reinforced plastic is more common in some artworks and daily necessities. The color of purple glass fiber reinforced plastic is better because it is copper. Yes, more beautiful. The advantages of glass fiber reinforced plastic are mainly better artistic appreciation, not easy to corrode, more market value, easier sculpture, etc. Therefore, glass fiber reinforced plastic has become the favorite of today’s artists.