At the end of the primitive society, primitive people living in the Yellow River and Yangtze River basins began to make clay sculptures and pottery.

The ancestors of the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River left behind a lot of masterpieces of pottery and plastics. The skull-shaped pot is the head of the owl made of the top of the pot, which may contain some meaning of totem worship. Some objects have a head or mouth shape that is adult-shaped or bird-shaped and is juvenile and interesting.

In the culture of Qujialing in Hubei and Hemudu culture in Zhejiang, some animal sculptures with a few centimeters were unearthed. From the perspective of their shape, they are specially made ceramic products, such as pottery birds and pottery pigs. It seems that I was making improvisation with the rest of the mud while making the large pottery. They laid the foundation for the subsequent production of larger and finer sculptures.

Talking about the development history of sculpture

Talking about the development history of sculpture

In order to reproduce the majestic momentum of Qin Jun’s “Struggling Millions” to swallow the mountains and rivers before 2000, they were not only pursuing the tall and tall body of the individual pottery but also carefully designed a piece of more than 8,000 pieces. The tall scorpion group constitutes a large-scale military array system.

In this huge group of Qin dynasty, there are many obviously different individuals, making the whole group more active, real and full of life. Throughout the thousands of soldiers, the artistic achievements of the sculptures have reached a perfect height.

Whether it is the image of thousands of officers and men with both form and spirit or the life-like horses are not mechanical imitations, but focus on their “inner anger, power, emotional soul, spirit and spirit.”