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Surface Technology of Painted Camel fiberglass Sculpture

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Whether it is a small fiberglass statue sculpture handicraft, such as painted camel fiberglass sculpture, or the surface treatment of large fiberglass sculpture is very important. It relates to the adhesion and life of the coating, and directly affects the quality of spraying engineering. Therefore, in order to ensure the durability of fiberglass sculpture and other coatings, meet the requirements [...]

Fiberglass Statues Project in Netherland

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Fiberglass Statues Project in Netherland We are specialized in life-size fiberglass statues and bigger-than-life figurines of all sorts. We produce hand-made decorations, mainly produced fiberglass statues. Fiberglass is an ideal material for large sculptures because it is light enough that people can move statues made from it without the help of a crane. Fiberglass statues also cost considerably less to [...]