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What are the types of sculpture?

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According to the basic form, round, embossed, openwork, round sculpture: refers to the uncompressed three-dimensional sculpture that can be viewed in multiple directions and multiple angles. The so-called embossing is the product of the combination of sculpture and painting. The object is processed by compression, and the three-dimensional space is represented by factors such as perspective and is only for [...]

What are the characteristics of the Fiberglass paint sculpture process?

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Fiberglass paint sculpture refers to a form of surface treatment based on glass-steel sculpture and the process of car paint. With the improvement of market requirements, the original Fiberglass sculpture can only meet the requirements with a simple painting. The resulting paint sculpture soon occupied the market and became the mainstream product of the high-end market of Fiberglass sculpture. Because [...]

How to paint Fiberglass reinforced plastic

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Toning the resin varnish. Then, if it is a rough fiberglass product without the gel coat layer, it can be easily treated with putty, it is recommended to apply resin paint. Although the varnish is slightly thin, if it is serious, it can be applied twice or with slightly thicker floor paint. One is that the gel coat is not [...]

How to solve the problem of Fiberglass relief deformation

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1. The influence of gravity, in the process of production, when the mold is released, the Fiberglass has not yet fully cured. After taking off the mold, we should try to put it on a flat surface. The place to be padded should be raised to ensure the whole surface. Flat, this can solve the deformation caused by gravity to [...]

Urban Fiberglass embossing is an important part of the urban landscape

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As public facilities, according to their different uses, urban glass-reinforced plastic relief can be divided into green glass-reinforced plastic embossed, residential glass-reinforced plastic relief, square glass-reinforced plastic relief, garden glass-reinforced plastic relief, water surface glass-reinforced plastic relief. In addition to its own functions, it also has the characteristics of decoration and intentionality. Fiberglass statue embossing combines the practicality of artistic [...]

Fiberglass sculpture production method

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Every step in the actual production of Fiberglass sculpture is very important, from clay sculpture, mold making, finished products, and later refinement. The first step: sculpture design and modeling Determine the design artwork. The original mold can be printed by clay sculpture or 3D scanning. According to the difficulty of sculpture, foam cutting and scraping can be selected. After the [...]

Talking about the characteristics of Fiberglass sculpture plaster mold

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The gypsum model points are heat-resistant, inexpensive, have a small thermal conductivity, and have good copy ability. Generally used to make master molds. Easy to manufacture, suitable for large products. But not durable, afraid of impact, slow drying. It is mostly used for single products and complex linear products, such as embossing, small and medium-size round sculptures. Most of the [...]

What environmental protection measures should be done in the production process of Fiberglass?

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Fiberglass is one of the composite materials. It is more common in everyday life. As a typical composite material, it consists of glass fiber and unsaturated polyester resin. Usually, the glass fiber is pre-woven into a glass cloth, and then superimposed with the unsaturated polyester resin, and the unsaturated polyester resin is cured to form a glass fiber reinforced plastic [...]

What kind of material sculpture is fiberglass sculpture?

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Fiberglass sculpture is a kind of finished product of sculpture, which is made of glass. Glass has the characteristics of lightweight, hard strength, corrosion resistance, and relatively low cost. It is also called Fiberglass. It is called fiber-reinforced plastic. It is customarily called Fiberglass sculpture in China. The glass is a composite material composed of synthetic resin as a matrix [...]

Talk about how to maintain the Fiberglass sculpture

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The simulation sculpture made of Fiberglass material has a good early advantage because of the material problem itself, but if the maintenance is not paid attention to during the use process, the service life of the sculpture will be greatly shortened. In terms of appearance, since the color of the simulated cartoon sculpture can only be colored by baking paint [...]