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Talk about the application of Fiberglass embossing

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The main application areas of Fiberglass are summarized as follows: Construction industry: cooling tower, Fiberglass doors and windows New, building structure, envelope structure, indoor equipment, and decorative parts, Fiberglass flat, corrugated tile, decorative board, sanitary ware and whole bathroom, sauna, surf bath, building construction template, storage warehouse Buildings, as well as solar energy utilization devices, etc. Chemical and chemical industry: [...]

Talk about the characteristics of the store Fiberglass public leisure seat

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The rapid development of the business economy, the improvement of people's living standards, and the establishment of the city's brand image have prompted the rapid development of the shopping mall economy. Whether it is a dazzling array of boutiques, supermarkets, shopping malls, or a lively, dazzling bar, Ballrooms, they are all malls in a broad sense. Shopping malls are generally [...]

What are the standards for Fiberglass sculpture installation?

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(1) Fiberglass sculptures are usually made up of a variety of different Fiberglass chopsticks. In the process of actual splicing and production, such a process itself is also called welding, and the welding workers generally All kinds of different methods are used for effective welding, and after the related work is completed, a series of grinding and polishing are required, [...]

What is the development trend of Fiberglass sculpture?

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With the rapid development of human beings, Fiberglass sculptures are getting closer to our lives. The emergence of Fiberglass sculptures is a small milestone in the development of human civilization. He is not embodied in life and matter, but mainly in human spiritual civilization. Human development is inseparable from the Fiberglass sculpture, and his shelf life is relatively cheap. Most [...]

Why is the market for Fiberglass sculpture growing?

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The finished products made of Fiberglass sculptures are very beautiful in color, the shape is also relatively easy, the colors can be arbitrarily matched, and the price is not expensive, so now the merchants make sculptures, many of which use Fiberglass materials, glass-reinforced steel sculptures, more and more in the market. Big. The sculptures made of Fiberglass have a lot [...]

What are the types of Fiberglass sculptures?

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Space occupancy classification, round carving, and relief embossed high relief, low relief, intaglio and openwork. Material processing classification, stone carving, bronze carving (metal casting and forging), wood carving, root carving, jade carving and so on. Features are divided into urban sculptures, shelf sculptures, gift sculptures, miniature sculptures and more. 1. The sculpture refers to ornamentals and monuments that are engraved [...]

How to calculate the thickness of Fiberglass sculpture

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There is a huge relationship between the content of Fiberglass resin and the molding process. For example: 2 layers of 300 felt + 3 layers of 0.4 cloth, hand paste molding, our operator can achieve resin content of 55%, thickness of 3-3.5mm, 11 layers When making the mold, it is divided into 5 layers, the thickness is 12--13mm, the resin [...]

Use of Fiberglass sculpture production products

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Where is the Fiberglass sculpture made suitable for placement? There are many places where such products can be placed. For example, various types of office space can be placed. The common one is, of course, the office, or the reception area of ​​the company, or the rest area of ​​the company or the company. Placed at the door. There are [...]

What are the factors affecting the price of Fiberglass sculpture?

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(1) Cost. Product development, manufacturing, storage, raw materials, transportation, and other costs directly determine product pricing. (2) Expected profit. After the cost is determined, the company may also have a fixed percentage of expected profits, such as 10%, 15%, and so on. (3) Capital turnover. If you need corporate capital turnover, you have to set the price at the most [...]

Fiberglass animatronic sculpture correct maintenance method

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The animatronic sculpture made of Fiberglass material has a good early advantage because of the material problem itself, but if the maintenance is not paid attention to during the use process, the service life of the sculpture will be greatly shortened. In terms of appearance, since the color of the simulated cartoon sculpture can only be colored by baking paint [...]