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Fiberglass Sydney Sculpture

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The FRP Sydney sculpture creates a real Sydney image. For this Sydney, we use advanced 3D scanning of real Sydney and then 3D printing with Fiberglass sculpture technology. Finally, the surface is painted to show the true texture and effect of Sydney. A seductive Sydney is born. Already. The implication of FRP Sydney sculpture: Sydney is rich in water. In [...]

Panlong Fiberglass sculpture

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The source of the Panlong Fiberglass sculpture design element is a giant dragon descending from the sky, giving a shocking look and feel. This Panlong Fiberglass sculpture is a replica of the ancient Chinese symbol of imperial power. Every part of the Panlong Fiberglass sculpture is Shows different meanings. Each part of the Panlong Fiberglass sculpture has specific meanings: the [...]

Bull Cartoon Fiberglass Sculpture

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Bull cartoon glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is an anthropomorphic treatment of a bull, which is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and surface treated. This three-dimensional expression has become the most commonly used method of beautifying the environment to bring traffic to the mall. Bull cartoon fiberglass sculpture with yellow horns, the whole is a big red, big nose [...]

Fiberglass sculpture large vegetables

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The large-scale vegetable design elements of glass steel sculptures are common vegetables in life. They are produced by using three-dimensional sculpture form simulation, but these vegetables are enlarged by a factor of 100 to give viewers a strong impact, thus achieving the desire to buy. Fiberglass sculpture large vegetables include tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cabbage, etc. Vegetables refer to a class [...]

Fiberglass figure sculpture

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Carrying Fiberglass character sculptures is also a tribute to the sculptor, so carrying Fiberglass character sculptures is not accepted for the remake. Carrying case Fiberglass figure sculpture uses Fiberglass material, copper antique surface effect. It is an environmental-friendly chemical industry imitation plating agent. It is used for copper, brass, and bronze to paint other colors, such as antique, green, etc. [...]

Ninja Turtle Fiberglass Sculpture

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The copper imitated glass fiber reinforced plastic lion sculpture uses realistic figurative sculpture techniques. The overall use of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, the surface is treated with copper imitation effect. The copper imitated glass fiber reinforced plastic lion sculpture shows the symbol of authority. king. People around the world see lions as Swiss beasts, and lion statues can be [...]

Concept and Connotation of Modern Metal Sculpture

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In a broad sense, metal sculpture refers to all sculptures made of metal, including cast sculptures, forged sculptures, etc. In a narrow sense, it is directly based on metal materials and is cut, welded, forged, and polished. , Stamping and other industrialized processing methods to create, that is, direct metal sculpture Metal sculpture in the traditional sense refers to sculptural [...]

Fiberglass Imitation Copper Sculpture Dragon Introduction

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The Fiberglass bronze sculpture dragon uses Fiberglass material combined with Fiberglass molding process to imitate the effect of cast copper, while reducing the cost without losing the artistic effect of the cast copper material. The main elements of the glass steel imitation bronze sculpture dragon are ancient Chinese dragons, combined with sci-fi monsters. Every detail is perfected, and the reality [...]

Ninja Turtle Fiberglass Sculpture Introduction

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The prototype of the Ninja Turtle Fiberglass sculpture is an American cartoon. "Ninja Turtle" is derived from the American comic published by Mirage Studios in 1984. It was developed by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird started writing in 1984 and was published by Mirage Studios. Later launched the 1987 TV animation version, 2003 TV animation version and movie version. [...]

The relationship between Chaozhou woodcarving and sculpture

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Wood carving is a kind of sculpture, often called "folk crafts" in our country. Wood carving can be divided into three categories: three-dimensional circular carving, root carving, and relief carving. Woodcarving is a type of work separated from woodworking. It is classified as "fine woodworking" in the classification of work types in our country. A variety of folk art classified [...]