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Stainless Steel Metal Sculpture Technology

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The technological and aesthetic changes of stainless steel metal sculptures are inseparable from the revolution of human science and technology. Human beings have experienced three revolutions in science and technology, each of which has made a huge leap in productivity, which has a huge impact on the development of the world economy and human life and production. , which has [...]

The purpose of studying modern metal sculpture

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The first is to deeply study the origin of modern metal sculpture. The emergence of any art has its profound social background and ideological roots, and modern metal sculpture is no exception. Its emergence and development are strongly influenced by the progress of science and technology since the modern art and industrial revolution, and the drastic art and ideological changes [...]

Concept and Connotation of Modern Metal Sculpture

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In a broad sense, metal sculpture refers to all sculptures made of metal, including cast sculptures, forged sculptures, etc. In a narrow sense, it is directly based on metal materials and is cut, welded, forged, and polished. , Stamping and other industrialized processing methods to create, that is, direct metal sculpture Metal sculpture in the traditional sense refers to sculptural [...]

An Analysis of the Sculptures of the Clay Sculpture Group

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Because we opened the door to create works, the farmers have spread a long time ago. When they visited, they were excited, some were sobbing, and even fainted. At the end of the year, they were copied and exhibited at the China Art Museum in Beijing. There were more than a thousand units in one day, and personal visit tickets [...]

Probe into Modern Metal Sculpture

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Traditional metal art attaches great importance to the value of materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin. Especially gold and silver, which are precious metals, have always been a symbol of human social status, identity standards, and wealth. A large number of occupants of metal art is mainly the minority class in a centralized society. Their aesthetic tastes [...]

Landscaping FRP sculpture of landscape sculpture

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The appearance of Fiberglass sculpture has increased the urban landscape and enriched the life enjoyment of urban residents. As a part of the city, urban sculpture is generally built in public places in the city, which can exist alone or be integrated with buildings. Urban sculpture Mei Chen's design and production has a wide range of subject matter, and can [...]

Fiberglass market is widely used

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Glass fiber reinforced plastic is a kind of composite material. Because of its unique performance advantages, glass fiber reinforced plastic has been used in aerospace, railway, decorative construction, home furniture, advertising display, craft gifts, building materials, sanitary, yacht mooring, sports materials, sanitation engineering, etc. It has been widely used in more than a dozen related industries, and has been well [...]

Aquarium Decoration

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We produced many fiberglass decorations for the shopping mall, zoo, theme parks, what can we do beside above? Aquarium! Yes, we provide a series of aquarium decoration this year, including shark, fish, dolphin, crocodile...ect. By using these sculptures in front of the entrance and lobby, they attracts a lot of tourist come to buy tickets and visit the aquarium. Both [...]

Simulation of Fiberglass fruits and vegetables

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Fruit has a special charm. It is juicy and juicy, bright in color, and full of sweetness. As more and more people start to pay attention to health issues, the demand for fruit and vegetables is more and more valued by people. Vegetables and fruits are rich in Nutrients and health-promoting bioactive substances have health benefits. Now beautiful Fiberglass sculptures [...]

Advantages of Fiberglass seats

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Compared with traditional wooden furniture seats, Fiberglass seats have excellent mechanical properties, high gloss, good feel, high temperature resistance, high rigidity, long life, corrosion resistance, heat and humidity resistance, mildew resistance, water resistance, fire resistance, strong plasticity, easy molding, Long life and other advantages, the surface effect is diverse, delicate and durable. Fiberglass seat is a composite of high-quality resin [...]