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Technological Standard of Coloured Camel fiberglass Sculpture

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Painted camel fiberglass sculpture raw materials: using high-quality high-purity resin raw materials, high-precision fiberglass cloth, all raw materials do not contain any harmful elements. Painted camel fiberglass statue sculpture process: up to 3 times of careful polishing by professional workers, more than 5 times of fine polishing; Professional hand painters delicately depict the details of fiberglass sculpture. Technological Standard [...]

Painted Camel fiberglass Sculpture Material

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Colored camel fiberglass statue sculpture material uses 123 epoxy resin, 123S (W/M) (N) is an o-phenyl unsaturated polyester resin, pre-promoted, thixotropic, good wettability to glass fiber, with low viscosity, good construction performance and so on. It has good water resistance and excellent mechanical strength. It is suitable for hand paste/spray forming of various fiberglass products. Painted Camel fiberglass Sculpture [...]

Outdoor Elephant Statue for Decoration

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outdoor elephant statue Outdoor elephant statue appeared in people's lives very early. It is an auspicious ornament for auspicious animals. The position of its placement plays a key role in the meaning of attracting wealth. The fiberglass elephant has the meaning of auspicious harmony, recruiting money and fortune, which can bring auspicious to human beings and make human life peaceful [...]

Fiberglass octopus statue for sea food restaurant decoration

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Fiberglass octopus statue for sea food restaurant decoration Octopus is a famous marine animals. There are a lot of delicious sea food that made with octopus. People like to use marine animal sculpture as decoration of restaurants. For example lobster statue, crab statues, octopus statues. Therefore, a lot of sea food restaurants use a giant fiberglass octopus statue as the [...]

Life Size Horse Statue

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Life Size Horse Statue Horse has a high cultural status in the human culture and has a series of symbolic meanings. Since ancient times, horse has been a friend and partner of human beings, which is closely related to human development. Because of this, people create different kinds of horse sculptures to express some special meaning, or to put forward [...]

Animal Garden Statues

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Animal Garden Statues Animals are part of our world. With the passage of time, from ancient times to now, stories and experiences about animals have different psychological feelings in people's hearts. The first is the psychological effects of animals themselves. For example, lions, people think of lions first of all is beasts, ferocious! Therefore, lion sculpture in public places such [...]

fiberglass Garfield Cat Sculpture

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fiberglass statue Garfield sculpture brief introduction of fiberglass Garfield sculpture creation elements from Garfield, Garfield (Bill Murray dubbing) orange garnet with a garland of orange fur is a cat growing in an ordinary street in the metropolis. He is born with a philosopher's strange idea and seemingly endless appetite. fiberglass Garfield cat sculpture draws lessons from Garfield cat's delicious personality, [...]

Fiberglass outdoor lion statue

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Fiberglass outdoor lion statue Lion was thought as the king of beasts and the symbol of power in ancient China.  And it also symbolizes the dignity. The lion is ornamented only by nobles. Generally, the rich people put it in their mansions to ward off evil spirits, and at the same time to show their aristocratic status. Secondly, it can [...]

Fiberglass monkey statue

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Fiberglass monkey statue Fiberglass monkey statue is a monkey sculpture made according to the monkey. Fiberglass is a kind of resin material which is durable in outdoor environment. Fiberglass cartoon statues are widely applied to city decoration. Monkey statue is very popular in the market. We made those cartoon monkey statue for the customized demand of our clients.