1. Dewaxing: In order to facilitate demolding during the processing of glass and steel sculpture, a layer of mold wax will be applied to the mold, so there is a layer of wax on the surface of the product. If it is not removed, it will affect the paint’s charm, Causing poor paint removal and oily flowers;

2. Dewaxing method: Carefully grind the surface of the product with a pneumatic sander and P180 sand cloth, and then check whether it is cleaned up until the shiny surface of the sculpture disappears. Manually sanding the area that cannot be ground by the sander. Omit, otherwise serious quality problems will occur.

3. Grinding treatment: When spraying glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture, it must first have a good flat effect. If it is a large and thick material, it needs to be roughened with an abrasive cloth wheel with an electric angle grinder. , You need to use a pneumatic powerful mill to grind with coarse sandpaper, and then put the putty to the landfill. Adhesion, the paint will not fall off after spraying).

Surface treatment before Fiberglass sculpture painting

Surface treatment before Fiberglass sculpture painting

Grind the putty with a 120-320 sandpaper with a pneumatic medium-duty sander. After the sanding is finished, repair the putty layer with eye-filling gray (red ash) as needed. The primer is finely sanded with 400-600 sandpaper using a fine mill and then sprayed with a topcoat. If the requirements for the surface finish of the paint are not particularly high, you can omit the process of filling eye ash and primer, and spray the paint directly after sanding the putty).

Of course, the dust removal and the polishing system can also be used in the sculpture factory.

The dust removal and sanding system use a professional electric or pneumatic dusting sander, supporting industrial electric dust collectors, and a sanding method without water. The dust from the sander is directly sucked into the dust collector by the linked dust collector. No dust is scattered to ensure a clean working environment and the health of the operator. Rejecting respiratory system and occupational diseases, through the use of professional tools, greatly improve the speed of grinding, reduce the labor intensity of work, shorten the time of grinding and repair, thereby significantly improving work efficiency.

After the surface of the fiberglass reinforced plastic sculpture is treated, a protective film is immersed or sprayed to improve the aging resistance and weather resistance of the product. The dipping process is suitable for small, regular-shaped products. The spraying process is suitable for products with a large surface area and a regular shape.