Whether it is a small fiberglass statue sculpture handicraft, such as painted camel fiberglass sculpture, or the surface treatment of large fiberglass sculpture is very important. It relates to the adhesion and life of the coating, and directly affects the quality of spraying engineering.

Therefore, in order to ensure the durability of fiberglass sculpture and other coatings, meet the requirements of use, and give full play to the protection and decoration role of coatings, in addition to the quality of the coatings themselves, the pretreatment of coated metal and non-metal surfaces is very important, and must be paid enough attention.

Surface Technology of Painted Camel fiberglass Sculpture

Surface Technology of Painted Camel fiberglass Sculpture

Before painting camel fiberglass sculpture, the pretreatment of the surface of the coated fiberglass sculpture aims at eliminating impurities such as dust, oil, water, rust, scaly oxide layer and old paint layer which affect the adhesion between the coating film and the coated surface, revealing the basic color of the surface, and making the coating and the base metal bond well.

In a word, the surface pretreatment before the white embryo painting of fiberglass sculpture is a very important process. Only by ensuring the quality of surface treatment can the best fiberglass sculpture painting effect be obtained.

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