On May 1, 2012, the “Water Moon” produced by large-scale stainless steel sculpture was established on the shallow water platform of the Tianjin Cultural Center. It officially faces the public and welcomes the International Labor Day. It is like a huge “diamond ring”, like a dream. Beautiful.

The stainless steel sculpture is 12.8m high. The surface of the sculpture is mirror polished, also called stainless steel mirror sculpture material.

This sculpture was selected by the National Urban Sculpture Committee for the 2012 Excellent Urban Sculpture Construction Project. The “Water Moon” sculpture reported by the city won the “2012 National Excellent Urban Sculpture Construction Project Excellence Award”. The Beitang Container Seafood Street Public Facilities Project won the “2012 Public Facilities Art Project Award” and the Tianjin Planning Bureau won the “2012 Outstanding Organization Award”.

Stainless steel sculpture production Water Moon

Stainless steel sculpture production Water Moon

“Water Moon” is located in the cultural center of the Hexi District. The work expresses the magnificence and beauty of the moon in a new perspective in the form of abstract sculpture: the upper part of the work is strongly twisted and repeated in the lower part in a wave shape. It is like a water crescent moon and her reflection; plus the overall mirror polishing process of the work, reflecting the sun, blue sky, architecture, and water environment, its visual effect is clear and transparent, or radiant, beautiful.

The sculptural form of the stand is twisted and powerful, the lines are smooth, and the texture of the upper and lower parts is clear. The concept of “Month” is crystal clear and radiant on the water surface. As the design writer of the sculpture, the famous sculptor Zhu Shangyu said: “I am undoubtedly happy and honored. The responses received in all aspects are positive and positive. From the end of 2010 to June 2012, After a year and a half, I completed the creation and production of the sculpture “Water Moon” of the Tianjin Cultural Center. Although the creation lasted more than one year, it was only less than five months after it was finally set in the production stage. This sculpture is my artistic career. The biggest event is mainly because the location of this sculpture is too important. This sculpture is built in the Tianjin Cultural Center. The Tianjin Cultural Center is the political and cultural center of Tianjin. The huge water surface is surrounded by Tianjin Grand Theatre, Tianjin Library, Tianjin. Art Museum, Tianjin Museum, Tianjin Natural History Museum, Tianjin Youth Activity Center, Tianjin Yinhe Shopping Center, Tianjin Municipal Government is located in the west, facing the Tianjin Grand Theatre. It is important to build one of my sculptures in such an important place. Sex can be imagined! I feel very honored at the same time.