Sculpture design requires a professional sculpture company, which requires a professional design team to take seriously to create excellent sculptures. Boao Beijing Sculpture Company treats every sculpture design very cautiously, every project, every customer needs us There will be a fierce brainstorming to determine the design team for a nod and recognition of the customer.

Sculpture design is not graphic design. Once it is cast into a sculpture in a city park, it is difficult to make changes.

The overall process of sculpture design of Boao Beijing Sculpture Company is as follows:

Sculpture design process

Sculpture design process

First, preliminary communication with customers, determine project content, demand, price, cycle, etc., determine cooperation agreement

Second, according to customer needs, content cycle and other factors, set up a project design team

3. Focus on the overall analysis of the environment, study the historical humanities, locate the sculpture style, explore the internal humanistic feelings of the sculpture, and control the coordination between the sculpture and the park.

4. According to the research results, the task force conducts brainstorming to determine the overall thinking and concepts.

5. Drawing the design draft, and conducting internal screening, submitting the design plan to the customer, finalizing the draft

6. Make a mud sample based on the finalized design plan and communicate with the customer again until the customer is fully satisfied. Next, we will hand over the determined design draft or plan to the Boao Beijing Sculpture Processing Factory for the next step.