Resin sculpture production process concept:

The resin sculpture production process refers to the process of making small-scale handicraft sculptures with resin materials and does not include large-scale glass steel sculptures here.

With the continuous development of the sculpture industry, the addition of 3D printing technology, the continuous maturity of CNC engraving, and the continuous improvement of the resin sculpture production process, the Boao Sculpture Factory will introduce the resin sculpture production process in detail.

Resin sculpture production process

Resin sculpture production process

The traditional process of making glass steel sculptures (simplified):

The customer will determine or provide the sculpture reference pattern → the clay plastic craftsman will mold the clay model according to the customer’s requirements → the clay sculpture will be confirmed by the customer → confirm the mud draft and then turn the mold (silica mold) → make (stone, imitation copper) glass steel sculpture products → Special surface treatment for FRP sculptures → Sculpture production completed → Customer acceptance completed → Delivery.

In the process of making resin sculptures, there are many small holes under the surface of some products. When you pierce it with a needle, some liquid will flow out. This is called the oil hole. If there are many under the surface of the product, Very small holes, which also have some liquid, so-called pinholes.