The price of resin sculpture will be affected by many factors. Today, the Bosong Sculpture Company will introduce in detail the components of the price of resin sculpture based on its own professional experience.

1. The price of resin sculpture is closely related to the size of the statue, the complexity of the details, the feasibility of the process, the accuracy requirements, and the quantity.

2. Mechanical processing, 3D printing and the use of single-piece customization, the price will be more expensive.

3. Mold forming is more suitable for mass production. The price is relatively cheap.

4. If the height is less than 200 mm and the bottom surface is 150 × 150 mm, the finer pieces are usually customized, which is generally about 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, and the effect is almost only 5,000 to 10,000 yuan. If the quantity is a little more, the overall unit price will be cheaper.

Resin sculpture price

Resin sculpture price

The difference between the good and bad sculptures mentioned by the Boyu Sculpture Factory is mainly reflected in the following links. The resin sculptures made by different processes and materials are very different. There is no defined standard for the sculpture production market, so the layman must not just figure out the price is cheap and finally regret it.

Boyu sculpture design company mainly follows the following standards in high-quality resin sculptures for everyone to learn from:

1 model making model refinement sla high precision 3d printing

2 Mold making Reasonable disassembly of the model Gel coat/silicone mold

3 Finished white blank, high-grade resin + glass fiber, five types of glue, four cloths, fiber, and resin are completely fused, no delamination and air bubbles

4 Primer treatment Strictly follow the process of primer coating Sandpaper sanded to 800 #

5 Topcoat treatment With a dust-free spray shop The topcoat and protective varnish are sprayed uniformly, no color difference, no dust spots, adhesion meets test requirements

6 Packaging High-precision protective packaging, fully meet the shipping requirements