The most basic color of the “three primary colors”. The different colors of the resin ornaments are formulated using the principle of three primary colors. For example, yellow + blue = green.

Boyar Sculpture Factory has professional color correction (lacquer) personnel or institutions in resin handicraft manufacturing enterprises, specializing in the modulation and research analysis of different colors.

Resin sculpture coloring process

Resin sculpture coloring process

Including printing ink adjustment, car paint color adjustment, etc., are all done by professionals.

Different regions and different environments have different color requirements. This requires the professional skills of colorists and requires accurate color matching. Today’s computer color matching is more accurate than manual color matching.

As far as resin crafts are concerned, their shapes are realistic and they have huge consumer groups in Europe, America, and other regions. Its colors are gorgeous and changeable, and there are dozens of colors used in a single product, so there are no less than hundreds of types of paint in the paint room of the handicraft factory.

The finished paint is only red, white, black, blue, yellow, and other single colors. The color line is far from meeting the production needs of crafts, so it must be adjusted by professional sculpture production staff.

After the color is adjusted, two to four samples are copied according to the original, which is used as a reference for factory production for mass production.