There are many teaching articles about cast bronze sculptures by Fiberglass sculpture manufacturing companies. Today we mainly talk about the details of making cast bronze sculptures.

The bronze statue sculpture production process generally includes several important processes such as metal smelting, forging, carving, gold plating, polishing, and red coating. It can be said that the bronze statue sculpture production process is relatively complicated and the craftsmanship is very sophisticated. There are three main methods for making bronze statue sculptures. The production methods for different bronze statue sculptures are also different.

Production details of cast bronze sculpture

Production details of cast bronze sculpture

Fiberglass sculptures are usually made of cast copper sculptures with knives as follows:

1. Lost wax method: Use wax to make molds and apply modeling materials externally to become an overall mold.

2. Mold method: It is widely used. Large-scale bronze sculptures are generally cast in pieces and then connected into a whole.

3. Copper melting method: Using moldless controllable melting and casting process, “moldless” makes copper liquid naturally and smoothly dissolve; “controllable” makes copper liquid melt in the artist’s control.

The bronze statue of Guanyin Buddha has been collected by many institutions as a sculpture art on the shelf.

The process of making bronze sculptures is as follows:

1. The production of small-scale copper sculptures requires the use of precision casting process → turning (paraffin) models → making sculpture shells using quartz sand and other precision casting materials → dewaxing of roasted shells → firing shells → casting copper water → waiting for copper water After cooling, the shell is broken to complete the production of copper products → coloring, anti-corrosion and other treatments on the surface of copper products → sculpture production is completed → customer acceptance is completed → delivery.

2. Large-scale copper sculptures need to be made of resin sand casting → Fiberglass model → whole or block casting according to process requirements → mold shell made of resin → cast copper water after making resin mold shell → shattered after the copper water is cooled The shell copper sculpture casting is completed (if the block casting requires welding and assembling) → coloring, anti-corrosion and other treatments on the surface of the copper product → sculpture production is completed → customer acceptance is completed → delivery.

The production details of the cast copper sculpture mainly consist of casting. The cast copper sculpture is mainly to fill the cavity after the copper is melted, and then the molten copper is cooled to form a copper statue fastener;

Bronze cast sculptures are generally cast one to one. The characteristics of cast bronze sculptures are strong artistic expression, great texture, and long storage time, which is basically a rhythm that is not bad for thousands of years, but it is also relatively more valuable. , Choose to cast copper is mostly used to cast people’s round sculptures or reliefs, such as portrait sculptures, figure sculptures (more detailed depiction of character characteristics, expressing the heart, more vivid)