The storage time of Fiberglass sculptures depends on many comprehensive factors. Next, Bosong Sculpture Company will introduce them in detail:

1. The shape of Fiberglass sculpture has a great impact on the storage time of Fiberglass sculpture. First, in the design of the shape, if the complexity is too high and there are too many details, it will affect the preservation time of Fiberglass sculpture in the later period. Stakeout by hand, do not take the form of computer stakeout or 3D modeling to find sculptures, find cheap temporary workers in guerrillas, do not know enough about sculptures, customers and product requirements are not fully digested, resulting in imbalanced proportions, large differences in modeling and drawings, resulting in unqualified sculptures The product comes out.

2. Mold making is also very important for the preservation time of Fiberglass sculptures. The traditional in-house practice is to quickly obtain benefits from the piece-by-piece drawing. Without establishing a standard method of product molding, the mold is freely divided freely, resulting in damage to details of the Fiberglass sculpture during the mold making process. After the finished product is obviously inconsistent with the sculpture draft, a standard mold making plan should be formulated to standardize the workshop to implement according to the standard. In the early stage, the production team must thoroughly digest the core parts of the product, and understand the customer’s uses and requirements.

Preservation time of Fiberglass sculpture

Preservation time of Fiberglass sculpture

3. The choice of raw material resin plays a particularly important role in the preservation time of Fiberglass sculptures: Generally, cheap Fiberglass sculptures are made by cheap materials and contract manufacturing systems, which results in product cracking, brittleness, many air bubbles, and the painting process is not detailed enough. As a result, the bonding between glass fiber and resin is not strong enough to shorten the service life. The standard is to use international or local first-line brand materials.

For example Resin: International brands, DSM (made in Nanjing), Yaslan, and there are Jiangsu China Resources, Fujian Yabang, Guangdong Futian, Guangdong Huaxun. Fiber: China Glass Group, Sichuan Jushi Group, Shandong Taishan. Excipients: Aksu; the company uses: DSM Resin (European century chemical company), Jushi Group’s glass fiber (the world’s largest fiber manufacturer), Aksu excipients (100 years British chemical company)

4. The internal structure of Fiberglass sculpture plays a vital role in the preservation time of Fiberglass sculpture: The traditional manufacturing method of Fiberglass sculpture rarely occupies the structure or support inside the product, or the support is not professional enough, regardless of the bearing capacity of Fiberglass sculpture itself. And product life to do internal support, the steel structure plan should be made in the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture according to the product use and vulnerable parts, draw a schematic diagram of the steel structure to the workshop for standard construction. Honeycomb plywood can be used for the plane, and the special-shaped parts should be welded with bent steel pipes and then fixed with glass fiber to the inside of the product.

7. Surface polishing makes the preservation time of Fiberglass sculpture more permanent:

The surface of the embryo is not ground properly or the yellow wax is not sufficiently treated, resulting in later layering, cracking and shedding of the atomic ash and glass fiber reinforced plastic products.

The surface repair is not detailed enough, the time is not enough, the surface is uneven, there are sand holes, and even the dead corner is not repaired. As a result, product grade is greatly reduced. This process is also a key step in cost consumption. The surface repair is not delicate enough and the labor cost is lower. After the surface treatment is detailed, the product cost directly rises.

Primer: The workshop-type method uses one primer or even no primer. (A factory in Guangzhou is shipping fast, that is, no primer.) The primer must be sprayed repeatedly and repaired details two to three times. Only check if the product details are in place.

Atomic ash: It should be repaired with special ash for automobiles or Fiberglass.

Water grinding: More than 90% of the factories in the country do not carry out the water grinding process because everyone has not considered the reduction of fine particles on the surface of the product after water grinding, and the surface is sprayed with fine paint.

After all, these are done, they will pass the quality inspection and pass it into the paint shop.

8. Surface paint can not only extend the storage time of Fiberglass sculpture but also make the bright color of Fiberglass sculpture longer:

Paint selection: Most factories use furniture paint, PU paint, indoor paint, and outdoor paint, which are falsely described as automobile paints. They will not stand the test of time: a series of problems such as color fading, white yellowing, paint cracking, and peeling are exposed.