Personal portrait sculpture production is a three-dimensional portrait of the individual. It has been very popular abroad, but the country is still in the stage of development and cognition. Because Chinese character sculpture originated from arts and crafts, most portrait sculptures are very decorative and practical. Sex.

In fact, the Chinese portrait sculpture pays attention to the facial characterization of the characters, and adds color to the statues, combining painting and complementing each other, so that the works have the same aesthetic and appreciation value as the paintings; the emphasis is on the expressiveness of the characters, and the performance of the characters in the concise language. Imagery beauty.

Personal portrait sculpture making concept

Personal portrait sculpture making the concept

With the dedication and hard work of the old artists who stayed in France and stayed in the Soviet Union, China’s realistic sculpture skills have become more powerful, and combined with the Chinese-speaking skills that have been passed down from ancient times to the present, it is possible to achieve a truly “divine-shaped” personal portrait sculpture.

Speaking of “the combination of the gods and the gods” is the basic aesthetic criterion for the production of personal portrait sculptures, which means that the portrait works achieve the perfect unity of form and God when reflecting the object, the shape refers to the appearance of the person, and the god refers to the spiritual appearance of the person. And thought.

As Gu Yuzhi puts forward in his painting theory, “Music portrayal”, “Movement and Wonderfulness”, for “Shaping and God”, each artist will have his own unique understanding, how to reflect the inner intrinsic through the shape that everyone can see. God, every artist also has his own unique skills and methods.