For the painting of Fiberglass sculpture, you only need to ensure the adhesion and applicability of the paint, that is, you can choose the appropriate paint accessory.

Guarantee of adhesion: The epoxy light gray primer can ensure the adhesion of most coating requirements. The wind power industry can choose wind power special Fiberglass coatings.

For the applicability of the paint, according to the environment where the glass fiber reinforced plastic components are located, the corresponding weather-resistant, super-weather-resistant, acid-base, and oil-resistant topcoat varieties are selected.

Paint selection factors for Fiberglass paint

Paint selection factors for Fiberglass paint

Depending on the environment in which the Fiberglass sculpture is located, different paints can be used separately:

For the ordinary outdoor environment, you can directly use acrylic polyurethane topcoat.

Outdoor super weather-resistant coating: epoxy primer + fluorocarbon topcoat

Indoor environment: epoxy primer + polyurethane finish

Indoor humid environment, hot and humid environment: epoxy primer + epoxy topcoat

For acidic corrosive environments, acrylic urethane topcoats can be used. For alkaline corrosive indoor environments, epoxy topcoats can be used.

In short, there is no problem using paint on the back of the glass steel sculpture. The premise of using it on the smooth surface is sandpaper to remove the wax on the surface of the product, which also increases the paint adhesion.