Today I bring to you some of the city sculptures seen in Nagasaki, Japan. The Peace Park is also called Heihe Park. On August 9, 1945, Nagasaki was bombed by the US atomic bomb.

One third of the urban area was razed to the ground, with more than 100,000 dead and injured. Survivors are still suffering from radiation sequelae such as cancer, leukemia and skin burns.

To commemorate the disaster, in August 1955, the Nagasaki government established a peace park near the center of the nuclear bomb.

“Prayer of Peace”-The theme statue in the park is a bronze statue of a male peace god, which is 9, 7 meters high and weighs 30 tons.

Nagasaki Peace Park sculpture appreciation

Nagasaki Peace Park sculpture appreciation

The right finger of the male god of peace indicates the danger of the atomic bomb. His left hand is horizontally extended to pray and wish peace on earth forever. Slightly closed eyes pray for those who died.

In the park, a statue stands out. This is a memorial statue of Maiden of Peace. This statue is very conspicuous.

In 1986, the Peace Park in Nagasaki, Japan solicited peace sculptures from countries around the world. The Chinese government has decided that Cheng Yunxian, Pan He, Wang Keqing and Guo Qixiang created the “Memorial Statue of Peace Girl” as a symbol of the peace and friendship between the Chinese and Japanese people.

The Nagasaki Bell is also called the Bell of Peace. It prays for peace in the world and there is no longer an explosion.

Beneath the Bell of Peace is the Monument to the Martyrs of the Atomic Explosion, including our compatriots in China.

During the war, Japan forced about 40,000 Chinese to Japan to make up for the shortage of labor. About 1,000 of them worked as laborers in coal mines in Nagasaki Prefecture. At that time, 33 Chinese were detained in Pushang. One of them died during the trial and the rest died in the atomic bombing.

There are various sculptures everywhere in the park, which are donated by governments to express the hope for peace and the blessing of world peace. Less in Europe, much in Asia and Africa.

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