Today I bring you a set of cartoon animal images that are very hot now. My emperor is driving to the sculpture picture of the cat. My emperor is a cartoon artist Bai Cha’s illustrated book “I like the way you can’t get used to me and can’t kill me.” A stray cat picked up by the young man and he likes “You like me and I can’t take me”, “I like you and I can’t take my look and I can’t take 2”, “I like you I can’t get used to the way I look like I can’t get rid of me 3 “. With his inherent pride and personality, he has had a lot of exciting life affair with the shoveling officer “Juvenile” and the stupid dog “Bazaar Black”, which is very popular on the Internet.

My Emperor's Sculpture Picture of a Cat

My Emperor’s Sculpture Picture of a Cat

The sculptural picture of my cat driving the cat is to bring these cartoon animals to our real world, to have the closest contact with us, to bring them from the virtual world of the two dimensions to the reality at your fingertips. The emperor took his striped shirt to use the “shovel shit boy”, dumb cute with Banwang “Bazaar Black” and happy friends, and exhibited in major shopping malls, such as Joy City, Vientiane Hui and other shopping malls.

Fiberglass sculpture Cat

Fiberglass sculpture Cat

A three-meter-high glass steel “I Wong” colossus was created by the author of the “I Wong” series and a real-life version of “Juvenile” white tea. It was a three-meter tall Frog “I Wong” colossus. The exhibition area is composed of IP gallery, private room for teenagers, Dad’s Kitchen, and my palace.