There are a few types of equipment used in the hand paste forming process of fiberglass Statue sculpture. Air compressor and hoisting equipment are usually used in large sculpture demoulding. More is the early stage of sculpture forming.

The raw materials of hand paste molds of Fiberglass statues are mainly resin, reinforcing materials and auxiliary materials. Reasonable selection of raw materials is an important link to ensure product quality and reduce cost. When selecting raw materials, the following conditions must be met:

(1) To meet the performance requirements of product design; (2) to adapt to the characteristics of the hand paste forming process; (3) cheap, adequate supply.

At present, the main raw materials are resin, reinforcing fiber (glass fiber cloth, chopped felt, surface felt), rubber coat, curing agent, accelerator, demoulding agent, color, toughening agent, filler (quartz powder, diamond powder, cast stone powder, asbestos powder), etc.

Material for fiberglass Statue Sculpture Process

Material for fiberglass Statue Sculpture Process

The contrast of fiberglass Statue Sculpture Technology

As mentioned earlier, the manufacturing method of fiberglass sculpture paste is characterized by low investment in equipment, fewer constraints on sculpture shape, and suitable for small batch production. Its production conditions are the need to manufacture sculpture molds and grasp the skills and methods of hand pasting skills.

So the requirement of professionalism and practicality of the Fiberglass Statue sculpture factory is very high, and it needs to have a strict and high-end quality control link. If we choose the fiberglass sculpture factory with weak professionalism, the sculpture made is unstable in quality, and the quality level of the sculpture is not high. It is difficult to meet the needs of customers, even affect the durability of the later period, and even improve the maintenance cost. The loss outweighs the gain.