White tea, whose real name is Liang Kedong, is the creator of the cartoon net red “My Emperor” and “Bazaar Black”, and is currently the most popular picture book author. Winner of the 2009 and 2010 “Sci-Fi World” Galaxy Award for Best Art Work, 2009 Nebula Award for Best Art Work. The painting skills are solid, the style is varied and delicate, full of fantasy colors. He has painted covers for magazines such as “Man-drawn Heart”, “Sci-Fi World” and other magazines. Zheng Yuanjie signed a picture book with an artist.

In May 2015, I published my first picture book, “I like the way you can’t get used to me, but can’t kill me.” This book is the first picture book of white tea. It tells a fat cat called “My Emperor”, “Bazaar black” cute life and interesting things about the young owner. The story is warm and humorous, the text is funny and loving, and the style of painting has the beauty of illustration and Chinese painting. It can be read and collected. The protagonists “My Emperor” and “Bazaar Black” are popular on the Internet for their pride and stupidity.

Introduction to White Tea and Glass Steel Sculpture

Introduction to White Tea and Glass Steel Sculpture

The future of FRP sculpture

Bai Cha, the author of the FRP character sculpture production picture, said: “This exhibition is an attempt by us. It is actually quite difficult to restore the cartoon images of my emperor, Bazaar, etc. in the two-dimensional world to reality, but we We must not disappoint audiences who like my emperor, so we must carefully sculpt and go all out from the whole to the details, “said the” boy “Baicha who supervised the show himself.

“I believe that by continually summing up experience, continuous self-improvement and self-innovation, we will see a more perfect three-dimensional emperor in the future,” said Bai Cha, a rising virgin perfectionist obsessive-compulsive disorder artist.