The ox ranks second among the animals of the zodiac, and often becomes a solid, hardworking and progressive image representative. The sculpture in the shape of ox has rich symbolic significance, is an extension of image and a manifestation of spirit.

Introduction to the sculpture of Fiberglass cattle

Introduction to the sculpture of Fiberglass cattle

Cattle are the most industrious, simple, diligent and hard-working animals in the animal world. The image of cattle is often sculpted into various shapes and endowed with various symbolic meanings. The more common ones are the sculpture of cattle in the wilderness, the sculpture of bronze bull on Wall Street, the sculpture of bronze bull on the Chinese zodiac, etc. the ox symbolizes spring, because it plows the fields after the spring, and bears the hope of harvest, which contains many moral meanings As a sculpture ornament, it is used in various industries and plays a stimulating role with its positive spiritual power.

In the early stage of career development, cattle sculpture can be used to promote their hard work and lay a solid foundation for the future career. In offices with competitive industries, bull head sculptures can also be hung to enhance competitiveness.

Sculptures of glass fiber reinforced plastic cattle

At the beginning, the sculpture of kaihuang cattle represents the new special economic zone since the reform and opening up. Because many policies and policies implemented here are exploratory, it is a kind of “kaihuang” in a sense. With the achievements since the reform and opening up, the sculpture of kailanniu has given a new meaning: “development, innovation, unity, dedication”, and widely used in various industries.

There are many kinds of sculptures, some of them are brave, some of them are hard-working, and some of them are flying to the sky. They are widely used in indoor and outdoor environment. The ornaments of the sculptures are placed in different positions according to different specifications and shapes, but their significance is eternal.

The Wall Street bronze bull, originally the symbol of Wall Street in the United States, was originally located on the sidewalk in front of the New York Stock Exchange. It means that as long as there is a bronze bull, the stock market can keep the bull market forever. Although there is no expected result, the achievements of the bronze bull cannot be wiped out. Now many financial centers and trading markets in the world are still following suit, and a bronze Bull has been carved. also

Xu in people’s imagination, kept the bronze bull, that is, retained the wealth.