Introduction to the Fiberglass Statue Sculpture of Acrobatic Clown

The acrobatic clown fiberglass sculpture deepens the cartoon of our clowns in the acrobatic troupe. It has a charming image and is full of childlike interest with its bright coloring technology.

The creative elements of acrobatic clown fiberglass sculpture come from clowns, clowns’funny expressions, funny and vivid features, which often bring us a lot of joy and humor.

Introduction to the Fiberglass Statue Sculpture of Acrobatic Clown

The acrobatic clown fiberglass sculpture uses bold imagination and exaggeration to create a funny, humorous and interesting clown image. The teacher is really happy for you. Although the clown’s appearance is ugly, it is a special kind of ugliness, which can bring us joy, so judging the beauty and ugliness of things can not only look at the appearance, but the inner beauty is the most important.

Sculpture Technology of Acrobatic Clown fiberglass

In the production of acrobatic clown fiberglass sculpture, in addition to the importance of raw materials, fiberglass processing technology is also very meticulous and professional, every link to achieve excellence.

In order to remove grease scale and rust spots, mechanical processing and chemical treatment can also be carried out according to the requirements of use. The specific pretreatment contents are as follows:

Sculpture Technology of Acrobatic Clown fiberglass

(1) Degreasing treatment includes the physical-mechanical method (wiping method, combustion method, injection method) and physical-chemical method (solvent degreasing method, alkali degreasing method, emulsion degreasing method and electrolytic degreasing method).

(2) Rust removal treatment includes physical method (mechanical sandblasting, shot blasting, artificial, sand cloth rust removal, etc.) and chemical method (acid pickling, electrolytic acid pickling, alkali solution rust removal, etc.).

(3) Phosphating (oxidation) treatments mainly include non-ferrous metals, their alloys and iron, and steel. For non-ferrous metals and alloys, chemical oxidation, anodic oxidation (aluminum and aluminum alloy), phosphoric acid and chromic acid (zinc and its alloys) are mostly used; for iron and steel, phosphoric acid, chromic acid, and nitric acid are mostly used.

Fiberglass Statue products

In a word, the surface pretreatment before the white embryo painting of acrobatic clown fiberglass sculpture is an extremely important process. Only by ensuring the quality of surface treatment, can the best fiberglass sculpture painting effect be obtained.

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