Fiberglass landscape sculptures have existed long ago, but they were only built to increase the city’s iconicity. Fiberglass sculptures made of too much ornamental are suitable for outdoor landscape in both aspects of ornamental and corrosion resistance. .

1. According to the size of the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture, choose a suitable placement position. Generally, we put it on the table or coffee table, and the large one is generally used in shopping malls or outdoor theme parks. These are more common.

2. There are many glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures placed indoors, and they are more common. The sculptures placed indoors will allow the producer to add weights at the bottom. It is best to let manufacturers install anti-skid mats so that they are not easily pushed away. Also glue on the ground, the best glass glue or marble

How to position Fiberglass sculpture

How to position Fiberglass sculpture

Glue, if it is placed all year round, it can also be sprayed with pile pins and fixed on the ground. It can also be placed in a circle around the sculpture, plants, flowers, or cordon, etc., so that viewers and children may not approach.

3. There is a branch animal sculpture in the cartoon form of Fiberglass sculpture. The meaning of animals is different, so the place is different. This specific Fiberglass animal sculpture is placed according to the specific environment.

4. The outdoor Fiberglass sculpture is best fixed on the ground and fixed with bolts. Because there are many uncertain factors in the outdoor, such as strong wind, pedestrians, vehicles, etc., the method of indoor installation below 1 meter can be used. Jia underground uses steel plates to fix it on the ground. Sometimes Hou Jinfeng simply blows down the sculpture, sometimes he is knocked down when the cart turns, etc. Then the large base can reduce the frequency of incidents as much as possible.