We can see that many large-scale outdoor sculptures are made of Fiberglass materials. Today, Bosong Sculpture Company talks about how to fix Fiberglass sculptures.

How to fix the bronze sculpture, First of all, we must understand the difference between wrought copper and glass steel:

Fiberglass sculpture: copper is used as the main raw material. The metal is smelted into a liquid that meets certain requirements and poured into a mold. After cooling, solidification and finishing, a sculptured artwork with a predetermined shape, size and performance are obtained.

Forged copper sculpture: the Forged copper sculpture is stricter than Fiberglass sculpture. It uses a copper plate as the main raw material and has a steel skeleton support. Some complex sculptures need to be made with one-to-one molds for forging. Some simple shapes can be forged according to the released skeleton.

How to fix Fiberglass sculpture

How to fix Fiberglass sculpture

There are two ways to fix Fiberglass sculpture:

One is a relatively stable sculpture with a light upper and lower weight and a large floor area. It can be ironed with an expansion screw at the bottom and welded to the sculpture steel keel by electric welding.

The other is that the top is not light, and the center of gravity is not very stable at the bottom. The steel plate must be firmly welded to the internal keel on the ground. The ground must have embedded iron. It is buried by the rebar with multiple turns below the steel plate above. The structure is deep into the concrete, the two layers of steel plates are welded firmly, and the stone structure of flowers and plants are buried outside the foundation to expose the steel structure outside the sculpture.


1. It is necessary to make a scientific and rigorous foundation according to the shape, weight and other factors of the sculpture so that the Fiberglass sculpture will be absolutely safe and stable after being fixed.

2. Be sure to do a good job of waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, otherwise, corrosion and fracture will occur.